Chocolate Covered Oreos

White Chocolate Oreos

While brainstorming what to take to a birthday party last weekend, I decided to try my hand making chocolate covered Oreos. I’ve played around with chocolate covered treats before- cake pops and fruit- and it’s incredibly easy. These Oreos are quick and sinfully delicious. Did you know they make Mint and Strawberry Oreos? What a treat! I used white chocolate for the Strawberry Oreos and milk chocolate for the Mint Oreos. So, so yummy!

Milk Chocolate oreos


  • 1 package white chocolate candy coating
  • 1 package milk chocolate candy coating
  • 1 package (30) Strawberry Oreos
  • 1 package (30) Mint Oreos
  • Rainbow sprinkles


Place white chocolate candy coating in microwave safe bowl and heat until softened. Dip Strawberry Oreos in chocolate, allowing excess to drip, and then place on parchment paper. Apply rainbow sprinkles immediately. Repeat until all Oreos are covered and sprinkled. Allow them to harden 10-15 minutes before serving.

Repeat above process with milk chocolate and Mint Oreos.


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