Recker-mendation: Tropic Chicken

This weekend, we tried Tropic Chicken for the first time and our only regret is that we didn’t try it sooner. Categorized as Caribbean, the restaurant is located at the corner of Broadway and Taylor near Mad Anthony’s, just south of downtown, tucked into a small strip mall. We were shocked to discover it’s been open for 3 years, having heard of it just a few months ago.

Walking in, we were overwhelmed by the smell… absolutely delicious. The young man behind the counter greeted us enthusiastically and explained the options, which were housed inside a glass case: choice of meat with beans and rice for $4.99. This is our kind of place! Meat choices included chicken on the bone, shredded chicken, pork ribs, beef meatballs and a whole chicken, all simmering in their own juices. There were also three kinds of rice: white rice, rice and beans, and rice with green peas. I chose rice and beans with shredded chicken and Jon opted for the rice and beans with chicken on the bone. I loved being able to see the food before I chose. It all looked wonderful.

Shredded chicken with rice and beans
Chicken on the bone with rice and beans

The serving sizes are huge, especially for the price, and the flavors were absolutely perfect. The meat was tender; Jon’s chicken fell right off the bone. There are no fountain sodas, which is a bit of a bummer, but they do carry a wide variety of Jarritos (Jon had mango) and canned soda. Based on Don Kincaid’s foursquare recommendation, we took home a serving of coconut flan. I am not a fan of flan in general, but this was really good; even texture and natural coconut flavoring. Thanks Don. What a treat!

If you stray from the options housed in the glass case, the menu is impressive. I can’t wait to to try Shrimp Mofongo- a dish made with plantains and pork, smothered in garlic shrimp- and the empanadas. They also offer a variety of sandwiches, including a Cuban.

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