Girl’s Day: good friends, cheap wine, and fresh-baked cookies

It’s not often that I set aside time to spend with my girlfriends. Between my full-time job, volunteer activities, freelance writing, housekeeping and spending time with Jon, my hands are full, but last weekend, I devoted an entire day to spending time with friends. The plan was to get together to bake, watch movies, and hang out in our jammies. We ended up drinking more wine than anything else, but I had such a wonderful time. Every girl needs girlfriends. Thank you Christie and Amber for being mine. Oh, we let Clyde hang out with us too. He’s just too cute to exclude.

We did manage to bake two kinds of cookies. The recipes are below. Enjoy!

Photos by Amber Sturgis.

Brown Sugar Blueberry Cookies with Almonds and Coconut, The Ginger Kitchen- 7/6/11

Holiday Peppermint Cookies,


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