Recker-mendation: Loving Cafe

Top: Heavenly Meal
Middle: Raw Taco and Summer Lemon
Bottom: Teriyaki Tofu and Salad Noodle

I wrote a recommendation for Loving Cafe in June 2011, but it deserves another now that I’ve tried more dishes. Last week, Alec, Reneta, Jen, Joe and I met for lunch and all vowed to try something we had never had before. I love those types of challenges. It gets me out of my comfort zone.

Based on a recommendation from Reneta and Jen, I opted for Heavenly Meal, served with gingered soy nuggets, bell peppers, broccoli, pineapple, salad, and brown rice. Though I didn’t like it as much as my stand by, Salad Noodle, it was nice to try something different. The gingered soy nuggets were packed with flavor and I liked the savory sweet combination of the veggies with the pineapple.

Reneta chose Teriyaki Tofu, served with bell peppers, pineapple, asparagus, organic onion, and brown rice. And while she enjoyed it, it doesn’t top some of her other favorites. She also had golden soup, which she would not recommend. She likened it to baby food and did not care for the texture.

Jen had the Summer Lemon, served with lemoned soy protein, bell peppers, broccoli, pineapple, organic lemon, organic onion and brown rice. Her thoughts: “It is delish, but doesn’t top my favorite, Heavenly Meal.”

Joe took my suggestion and chose Salad Noodle, served with rice noodle, bell peppers, soy protein strips, organic onion, bell peppers, coconut milk, apple, broccoli, vegetable seasoning, and organic spring mix. He absolutely loved it. In fact, the following day, he tweeted about wanting to go back for more. I feel the same way about this dish. It’s absolutely my favorite.

Alec tried something off the new raw menu, the Raw Taco, served with avocado, walnut, cashews, sun-dried tomatoes, romaine heart, organic lemon, cucumber, cayenne pepper, sea salt, cucumber sauce, and raw kale crackers. Though the portion was small and not very filling, he says it’s very tasty and would recommend it. He also had a bowl of bean soup.

The best part about our lunch? Loving Cafe offers 20% off on Mondays. You should try it today!

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