Recker-mendation: Viet Bistro (Indy)

Jon and I traveled to Indy last weekend so I could participate in The Color Run on Saturday morning. Friday evening, thanks to a recommendation from Josh Tuck, we ate at Viet Bistro. We are HUGE fans of Saigon in Fort Wayne, but it’s the only Vietnamese place we’ve had the pleasure of trying. Viet Bistro did not disappoint. We enjoyed the addition of bean sprouts and mint to our noodle bowls, two ingredients Saigon does not include. We tried the spring rolls too, and they were right on par with what we’ve come to expect at Saigon. Though Viet Bistro is located in a strip mall, which usually speaks to the quality of the food, that was not the case here. We will definitely go back next time we are in Indy. Sadly, the place was empty while a line wrapped around the building at Red Lobster down the street. For shame Indy! We chalked it up to being in the “suburbs” where people don’t know any better.

Soft Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls: vermicelli, salad, shrimp, pork, mint, and chives, rolled in soft rice paper

Bun tom xao xa ot

I ordered the Shrimp Noodle bowl: shrimp stir fried in lemon grass and served with salad, carrots, bean sprouts, onions, and mint.

Bun heo xao xa to

Jon had the Pork Noodle Bowl: pork stir fried in lemon grass and served with salad, carrots, bean sprouts, onion and mint.

Viet Bistro on Urbanspoon


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