Recker-mendation: Brava’s Dog

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If you are one of the few folks in town who hasn’t experienced Brava’s Dogs (@bravasdogs on Twitter), you need to do so immediately. Sadly, I hadn’t had the opportunity to try one until last week, and I was blown away.

Bo Gonzales, the creative power behind Brava’s Dogs, and his sister Becky set up their cart at Cancer Services on Friday for our first annual “Picnic in the Park.” A few weeks ago, someone tweeted me asking what we had to do to get Brava’s Dogs to come up North. I tweeted back, cc’ing Brava’s, and the rest is history: Bo and I met, he was excited about the opportunity to not only set up on the north side of town, but also to donate proceeds back to charity. The event was a huge success, raising over $400 for Cancer Services.

But what about the dogs? Tremendous. Jon and I ordered 4 different kinds: The El Gringo; the BBQ, Bacon Slaw Dog; the Hawaiian; and the Brava’s Dog, and shared them. The El Gringo is hands-down my favorite. Piled high with guacamole and pico de gallo (Bo makes both of these from his own recipes), the flavor punches you in the mouth. I already know I will have a serious hankering for this dog on a regular basis. The BBQ, Bacon, Slaw dog is next on the list. The slaw is made from Bo’s mother’s recipe and it adds a crispy coolness to the dog to complement the tangy BBQ sauce and the irresistible crunch and flavor of the bacon. The Hawaiian, which features pineapple and a special sauce, was good, as well, though incredibly messy, and the trademark Brava’s Dog is satisfying in its simplicity. Brava sauce, a spanish recipe consisting of mayonnaise and special secret ingredients, has a rich, full flavor, and is perfectly paired with crunchy potato strings.

Brava’s Dogs sets up most weekdays downtown at the corner of Wayne and Calhoun Streets. You can also find them on the landing on Friday and Saturday evenings from midnight until the early morning. Schedules and menu updates are posted regularly on the Brava’s Dogs Facebook page.

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5 thoughts on “Recker-mendation: Brava’s Dog

  1. “…the flavor literally punches you in the mouth.”

    That’s amazing! How did they get the fist inside the hot dog, and how can it aim for your face?

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