We aren’t ashamed… We love Valentine’s Day

Yes, we are one of those couples. And no, we are not newlyweds. This year, we will celebrate our 10th anniversary (12 years together if you count the dating years), and I’d like to think we are just as giddy and ooey gooey about each other as we were back in the day. If our Valentine’s Day gifts for each other are any indication, I’d say we are doing okay.

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about the rise of Pinterest, and I gotta say, I am a fan. The site helped me find some creative ways to express my gratitude for family members at Christmas time, and it didn’t fail me for Valentine’s Day either. I created a Valentine’s Day board and “pinned” creative ideas for months. I was able to reference that board and choose a handful of things to do for Jon and here is the result.

Yes, each piece of fruit has a tag attached with a corny saying written on it: “ORANGE you glad we met?” “You make me BANANAS!” “You are the APPLE of my eye.” “We’re the perfect PEAR!” I also created the card using a printable card site I discovered on Pinterest. So many good ideas, so little time.

Jon, oddly enough, also used Pinterest for inspiration for my gift… though indirectly. A few weeks ago, while browsing the site, I found the picture below and exclaimed: “This would make me deliriously happy!”

Unbeknownst to me, Jon stored this idea and adapted it for my Valentine’s Day gift, adding pancakes in the shape of giraffes, which he had to practice several times in advance. What a cutie! Does he know me or what?

Finally, I drew inspiration from Pinterest once again to make these fun Marshmallow pops for my co-workers. Easy and yummy! I followed the directions on the original site and added my own embellishments.


Did you do anything special for your loved ones today? I’d love to hear about it. I can’t be the only one who adores this holiday.


3 thoughts on “We aren’t ashamed… We love Valentine’s Day

      1. Yep I did! I failed to take any pictures though. 😦 I used decorative cards from Target’s Dollar Spot and other colored papers I had around the house. It was easy, very inexpensive and turned out just like Martha’s!

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