Recker-mendation: Dash In Saturday Brunch

This summer, we discovered the Dash In’s Saturday brunch and it quickly became a favorite. I’ve been meaning to blog about it since then, but I’ve either forgotten my camera or forgotten the name of our dishes before I had a chance to write them down. After a very lazy Saturday morning, we ventured out to partake of the brunch and it was just as good as always. Not only is the ambiance at the Dash one you’d be hard pressed to duplicate in Fort Wayne, but the food is fresh and tasty, too. If you haven’t been down for brunch, I encourage you to do so soon.

Smoke Salmon Eggs Benedict topped with Onions and Capers with Herbed Cream Cheese and Potatoes


Eddy's Slop- Scrambled Eggs, Potatoes, Onions, Sausage, Bacon, Green Pepper, Red Pepper

Dash-In on Urbanspoon


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