Recker-mendation: Tuesday Night is Italian Night at Acme

I am not a fan of Acme Bar and Grill. You can read my previous review to find out why here: Oh Acme, We Really Want to Love You.

Needless to say, I have not been impressed and I am pretty unforgiving when it comes to service and quality of food… two strikes and you are out. But recently, I’ve been hearing murmurings about Tuesday Nights at Acme. First, I heard advertisements on the radio and dismissed them, but then, I started hearing rave reviews from friends… and the kicker was a picture that a friend texted to me of the dish he had just been served on Italian Night…a fist-sized meatball atop a mound of spaghetti. My mouth watered and the very next week, Jon and I had to check out Italian Night for ourselves.

Veal Parmesan

We were not disappointed. I ordered the lasagna and Jon ordered the VealĀ Parmesan. Both dishes were heaping portions of Italian goodness- cooked just right, with the perfect amount of cheese and sauce, accompanied by 4 scrumptiously buttered pieces of garlic bread. It takes a lot these days to thoroughly impress me, and I was thoroughly impressed. A bit pricey, yes. My lasagna and Jon’s veal were both over $14, so this won’t be a regular Tuesday tradition, but we will certainly be back. Maybe next time we will split a dish; both were plenty big enough for two.


Acme Bar on Urbanspoon


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