Mixology 101- A Recap

On Friday, Science Central hosted its 4th Annual Mixology 101, a fundraiser featuring 3 renowned mixologists, food from Catablu, and scientific food demonstrations from Ivy Tech’s culinary department. Jon and I attended and had a fabulous time. Science Central is the perfect venue for a large event- plenty of space, and definitely plenty of things to do since all of the exhibits were open. A few brave souls dared to ride the suspended bike at the tippy top of the 3rd floor, while others enjoyed the 3-story slide and moon bounce simulator. Save the guy walking around with the super scary snake who caused me to run for my life, the entire evening was a blast.

Of course, we most enjoyed the food and libations. Catablu hit this one out of the ballpark with Miniature Buffalo Burger with Mushrooms and Boursin Cheese; Tequila Cured Salmon Crostini with Chipotle Crème Fraiche; Fried Pumpkin with Spicy Cranberry Ketchup; Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto with asparagus and dried cherries; Apple, pear and red onion salad with white balsamic gorgonzola vinaigrette; Caramelized banana foster crème brulee tarts; Miniature cupcakes and Red Velvet whoopie pies. Jon absolutely loved the bison burgers, cooked to just the right temperature (medium rare). And I couldn’t get enough of the salmon crostinis, of which I had about a dozen. Of course, we are both suckers for dessert and the Red Velvet whoopie pies were our favorite.

Clockwise: Don Julio Mixologist from Chicago, Salmon Crostinis, Assorted Desserts, Jim Beam mixologist
Clockwise: Don Julio Mixologist from Chicago, Salmon Crostinis, Assorted Desserts, Jim Beam mixologist

Though I am not a huge alcohol fan, with the exception of cheap beer and fruity wine, I did enjoy sampling the drinks at the 3 mixology stations. The lesser of 3 evils, tequila, takes home the prize for me. The mixologist at the Don Julio table mixed up 3 tasty drinks: a Manhattan, Hot Apple Cider with freshly shaved nutmeg, and a Champagne cocktail with a slice of fresh strawberry, all made with tequila. And that was about enough for me. I couldn’t stomach any of the drinks at the bourbon table, though Jon enjoyed a Hot Toddy made with bourbon and a sample of the new Jim Beam bourbon. I had my first taste of cognac at another table and decided immediately that it’s not something I ever need to try again, though the mixologist was extremely informative.

And as if all of that wasn’t enough, the scientific food experiments performed by Ivy Tech’s culinary department were phenomenal. We sampled powered olive oil that melted in your mouth as soon as it hit and a strange mango concoction with powdered caramel.

If you missed this event this year, make sure you keep it on your radar for next year. Food, cocktails and 3 stories of fun await!


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