What to Expect: The Cuisine of Trolley Tour 2011

The big event is almost here… Join me and the rest of Fort Wayne Thursday at this year’s Trolley Tour, where art meets music, community, libations and most importantly, FOOD! Last week, I gave you a preview of the galleries and caterers. This week, my friend Lisa over at Dishing Sisters and I are giving you a preview of what those caterers are going to be serving. Make sure to visit her blog for selections from other caterers for the event.

  • The Oyster Bar (The Fort Wayne Museum of Art)- For those who have tired of the same ole poached salmon, have no fear, O.B will be serving up some fresh new selections: Nori Rolls, Belgian Endive, a twist on Chicken Wontons (basically it’s a smokey chicken salad with sweet peppers on top of a fried wonton wrapper), and Pulled Pork on a Baguette. I actually had the pleasure of sampling this line up at last week’s YLNI Hot Spot. Delish! I especially enjoyed the Belgian Endive, which is served with a soft cheese and tangy mandarin orange- great combo of textures and flavors.
  • JK O’Donnell’s (Continuum Art Gallery)- Known for its beer and beverages selection, JK’s will be serving up Harp, Smithwicks, and Magners along with some wine. For eats, you can enjoy Irish Fondue with Toast Points, Mini Lamb Pasties, and Chocolate chip Cookie Bars. I was stoked to see Lamb Pasties on this list. It has become one of my favorites- a crumbly-buttery pastry shell around a rich and tangy lamb pot pie filling. So scrumptious! Make sure you stop by to try one. You won’t regret it.
  • Baker Street (Artlink)- Though they didn’t forward their menu to me in time for publication, I have to say that I recently visited Baker Street for the first time and was very impressed (and I am not easily impressed). No matter what they choose to serve, it is sure to be delicious. Just take a look at their online menu if you have a chance.
I will be posting additional menus as they become available. Until then, you can still get your Passport for the event online or at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. The cost is $21 for museum members and $26 for non-members.

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