New Blog Name- New Blog Look

Whew- talk about a whirlwind. You may have noticed a new name and a new look for the blog. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago, the thought started creeping into my head that I should change the name of this blog. When I launched it last year, I didn’t have a concrete vision for its purpose other than for it to be a creative outlet for all of my random thoughts. It quickly morphed and evolved into a food blog, much to my surprise and delight.  And then people started reading it, commenting on it, subscribing to it, and sharing it. As it gained popularity, TheyCallMeAmber just didn’t seem right for it anymore. After all, it is Jon who does most of the cooking- I simply stand by shooting photos and typing up stories and recipes. A few of my friends agreed- TheyCallMeAmber had to go.

The new name ideas started flying, and as they did, I bounced them to friends and received feedback. Thanks to Twitter, I even received some new ideas for names. All of that led me to post a survey containing the top 3 name suggestions for my followers and friends. 67 people took the survey and I was overwhelmed with the response.

Here are the results:

1- Sweet Amberosia 31

2- The Ginger Kitchen 24

3- Gingersnap Kitchen 11

Now wait a minute! I know what you are going to say: “But, it appears that Sweet Amberosia won pretty handily.” It did, but the more I started thinking about it, the more I leaned towards The Ginger Kitchen. First, it brings Jon into the mix- this blog isn’t about ME, it is about us in the kitchen together. Second, there was a very strong and very vocal constituency of supporters for The Ginger Kitchen who bombarded me with tweets last night about the branding possibilities with the name- cookbooks, cooking utensils, baked goods… and on and on. It was the push I need to take the plunge and make the name change.

I had to go with my gut. The Ginger Kitchen just feels right and I hope you agree.

You can now follow the blog on twitter @gingerkitchen or contact us via email at

Thank you to everyone who voted, tweeted, facebooked and emailed to weigh in on this decision and offer advice.  I appreciate you more than you could know.


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