A Few of Our City’s Hidden Treasures

Our city is amazing. I really can’t say that enough, and this weekend my husband introduced me to three more reasons to love it: Supermarket Los Lagos, La Michoacana and Indiana Mexican Bakery.

Supermarket Los Lagos is located on Creighton and is the largest Hispanic grocery store I’ve ever visited. I was completely overwhelmed with the quality of the produce and the expansive meat department- and the PRICES! So affordable. I was intrigued by the meat selections: goat and cow’s heart top the list, and now Jon is trying to figure out what to make with both.  The men working behind the counter were so kind and kept insisting that I sample everything, including two kinds of fresh ceviche and pork carnitas that were seasoned perfectly and balanced with just the right amount of fat. The bakery selections were also impressive- from galletas (cookies) to donuts to assorted pastries. If you haven’t stopped in there, I encourage you to do so.

Our next stop was La Michoacana, an Hispanic ice cream shop on Wells Street. Jon has been talking about it ever since he made his first visit a few weeks ago. He loves the flavor combinations of the homemade paletas (similar to our popsicles), made with fresh fruit: pineapple/pepper, coconut/walnut, cucumber/mango to name a few. In addition to the paletas, the little shop also serves homemade ice cream in a variety of flavors from lime to coconut to tequila to cheesecake. I chose the Limon (lime) and loved it! The flavor was so intense. Jon opted for the cucumber mango paleta and was equally satisfied.

The final stop was the Indiana Mexican Bakery, also located on Wells Street, where we picked out a variety of baked goods: cookies, churros, and pastries. Yummy. The selection is overwhelming. I wanted to take home one of everything, but we would have needed to back a truck up to haul it away.

What an adventure-filled Saturday. I can’t wait to revisit each place to pick up more treats!


7 thoughts on “A Few of Our City’s Hidden Treasures

  1. I also love Fort Wayne, and the Limon ice cream at La Michoacana is my favorite ice cream in the city hands down.

  2. I LOVE going into the bakery on Wells! We ride our bikes up in the summer and it’s so fun to just look and smell (and avoid the calories). 😉 Thank you for sharing your findings!

  3. The last time I stopped at La Michoacana, they had tuna paletas! 🙂 I didn’t try one, but I was intrigued.

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