I love Bacon. I love Chocolate… but Bacon Chocolate?

I’ve seen chocolate covered bacon featured on the news as a delicacy at area festivals and fairs, but I’ve never tried it, and honestly, never even thought about trying it. Enter my friend Mary who randomly pulled Mo’s Bacon Bar out of her purse earlier this week during a meeting. “Hey look, I have bacon chocolate. Want some?” she asked. I wasn’t sure, but she insisted that it was good, so I tried a piece.

Holy whoa! Applewood smoked bacon, alderwood smoked salt and deep milk chocolate… genius. Granted, it wasn’t a bacon strip covered in chocolate as I have seen, but rather a nice chunk of chocolate with smaller bacon pieces throughout. All the taste of the bacon without the texture, which I think would be strange. I was so intrigued by this product that I asked Mary if I could take the box in order to do some more research. She informed me that the owner of the company, Vosges, is a Canterbury graduate, so it has a local tie. Excellent! And the story on the back of the box describing how she conceived her business is entertaining and down to earth.

You can purchase Vosges products at Fresh Market in Fort Wayne, even though the locator on the website doesn’t find it. For a full list of retail outlets and products, including truffles, candy bars, and tons of specialty chocolate items, check out the company website.


One thought on “I love Bacon. I love Chocolate… but Bacon Chocolate?

  1. That stuff is not bad- it goes nicely with a smoky single malt whisky, but the fact that it is only 45% chocolate bugs me. I think a good 70+% dark would be much better with the bacon!

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