Oh My Cupcake!

I don’t know about you, but pastries make me very happy. I dream of one day becoming a top pastry chef, but in the meantime, I will settle for being a top pastry consumer. Last week, I received a lot of feedback from friends about who has the best cupcakes in town. Yum Mees frequently rose to the top, so I thought I’d give it a try. I ordered one dozen cupcakes last week for my volunteer appreciation party this afternoon. I haven’t been in the space now occupied by Yum Mees since it was Scott’s Bakery. I was immediately impressed with what they’ve done with it. It is modern, cozy and clean. I can’t wait to go back to enjoy more pastries and take a load off at the counter facing the windows overlooking State Street. I love my neighborhood and I love it when new businesses come into it. Here’s hoping it sticks around.

As for the cupcakes… they look delish! I can’t wait to try them this afternoon.

For a full list of cupcake flavors, click HERE.



2 thoughts on “Oh My Cupcake!

  1. They are some mighty fine cupcakes, let me tell ya! If you are a fan of buttercream (or butter for that matter) you will love their icing. You can also pick up all their current selections at the Espresso Gallery on Scott Road if you are on the other side of town. Let us know if you liked them Amber.

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