Do You Love Your Job This Much?

We’ve all seen them- those people who stand out in front of businesses dressed as mascots or holding signs to draw attention. Everytime I see them, I think, “wow, you couldn’t pay me enough to do that job.” I always feel particularly sorry for the folks on Coldwater who are promoting “We Buy Gold.” They are always wearing ridiculous costumes and always look miserable. I think I even saw snow accumulating on one of them a few weeks ago. They can’t possibly like their job, can they?

Saturday morning, from several blocks away, I spotted one of these sign holders on State promoting Little Caesar’s. He caught my attention because he was literally busting a move on the street corner. And he kept right on dancing for a long time- so long in fact,  I had enough time to pull up to the stop light, fish my camera out of my purse and record him. Unlike other sign holders  I’ve witnessed around town, it was apparent that he was really enjoying himself. And he made me smile. It was so refreshing. Maybe he doesn’t love his job. Maybe he was dancing simply to pass the time- lord knows I would get bored standing out there for hours on end. No matter the motivation, the message I walked away with is that this guy loves his job. And for a brief second, I even contemplated stopping in to get some pizza. Of course, I didn’t. I was running late, but he certainly brightened my day.

When I am stressed and tired and feel overworked, I am going to remember this guy and maybe even bust a move myself right here in my office.

Please excuse the poor quality of this video. I had to answer the phone halfway through!


5 thoughts on “Do You Love Your Job This Much?

  1. I close my office door, turn up my radio and do some jumping jacks for fun!
    I am grateful for having an office door, having a couple of minutes to do my jumping jacks and having an office building on a cement slab! lol

  2. I love seeing that guy. I saw a guy throw $5 to him the other day. I find the Liberty Tx people to be down right creepy.

  3. Our oldest son used to work there and he hated it. He said that it is amazing how many people drive up onto the side walk to try and scare you. Or they curse you out.

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