Perhaps a Boycott is in Order

To say that I am appalled by the Timothy Hutton Groupon commercial that trivializes the oppression of people in Tibet is an understatement. And then to discover they are running a whole series of similar commercials poking fun at “Save the Whales” and “Save the Rainforest”   just makes my stomach turn. Based on the flurry of tweets about the commercials during the Superbowl last night, I am not alone in my outrage. I cannot even visualize the series of meetings in which the creatives working on this campaign came up with this concept. Did they think it would be funny. I bet. Real funny. The “donate” buttons featured below each ad on their website do little to offset the damage. In essence, Groupon just spent $3 million to run off customers. If you have unused Groupon’s, I’d suggest using them. This may be the downfall of the company.

View the rest of the distasteful ads here.


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