His Version of Garbage

I would have been satisfied with cereal for breakfast, but Jon had other plans. He offered to make me an omelet and disappeared into the kitchen. When he emerged, he held a plate overflowing with yummy goodness: fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and toast. Of course, these weren’t  just any ol’ fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and toast. Jon added his “twist” to them and the result was pure perfection. And the best part is, he made everything from stuff we had leftover in the refrigerator, hence the title of this post- His Version of Garbage.


Sliced Red Potatoes

Sliced Sweet Potatoes

Fresh Rosemary from the Garden

White Onion

Tossed in a skillet and fried in bacon fat


2 Eggs

Skim Milk

Broccoli and Red Pepper mixture (leftover from the Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie he made last week)


Shredded Colby Jack Cheese

All ingredients scrambled up in a pan over medium heat

Served with Brownberry’s Country Buttermilk Bread, toasted.


And in the background, Jon made sure to capture our friend Clint Roth’s new CD– Appetite for Construction. Clint is amazingly talented and we’ve enjoyed listening to this.


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